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🐣 Transaction Fee Mining

Transaction Fee Mining

Transaction fee mining is a process that rewards users with tokens for their transaction fees. When a user conducts a swap on our platform and pays the transaction fee, a percentage of this fee will be returned to the user's balance in our native token - KUS. This mechanism provides an incentive for users to actively trade on the platform, benefiting the platform's liquidity and token's ecosystem.

For instance, if you decide to swap 1 KCS for KUS and the return fee for this pair is 50%, a transaction fee of 0.2% will be charged. After the transaction, the system will immediately return half the fee you paid in KUS tokens.

Note: The fee return rates may vary depending on the trading pair. Always check the provided information before confirming your transaction.

Please be aware that maintenance procedures may occasionally cause temporary interruptions of the fee return feature. If an exchange occurs during maintenance, no refunds will be issued for the commissions spent. We appreciate your understanding in these situations!

How Does Transaction Fee Mining Work?

For this platform, a cap of 5,000,000 KUS tokens has been set for transaction fee mining. However, these tokens will not be pre-minted; they are generated only when a user makes a withdrawal from their balance. Once the number of tokens distributed via transaction fee mining reaches the cap, this mechanism will be automatically disabled. Moreover, there is a limit to the number of tokens that can be mined in a particular phase, which is currently set at 2500 KUS tokens.

Our team reserves the right to manually disable transaction-fee mining in the future, depending on the platform's future development and strategic needs. Be sure to stay informed about any changes or updates to this feature.