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🗺 KuSwap Roadmap

KUS is the token that powers and flows through the KuSwap ecosystem. It allows holders to farm, enter into pools and swap on the exchange among many other things, all at a virtually feeless cost.

The usecases of KUS will be evolving alongside the project with some things already in development.

At the time of launch you will be able to:

  • Swap KUS in the exchange for other tokens and vice versa.
  • Farm KUS with KCS (KuCoin Token) to earn more KUS.
  • Create a KUS/KCS liquidity pool and earn LP tokens.
  • Stake KUS in KuPools and earn more KUS.

Currently in development:

  • KUS DAO - Governance
  • Farm Analytics
  • New UI
  • A launchpad where holders of KUS will be able to participate in upcoming IDOs.
  • An NFT marketplace where minting and trade will be done using KUS.
  • A predictions game where users can bet KUS to win more tokens based on their odds.
  • A lottery game where users can enter into a raffle and win a jackpot of KUS tokens.
  • A lending platform.